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『スマホストラップセール』は7/21 (日) 23:59まで 📣 『#SUZURIのTシャツセール』も開催決定!✨



ZENJYAのZENJYA Tin Badge :size comparisons (32mm, 44mm, 56mm, 75mm)
Provide 4 different kind of sizes.
ZENJYAのZENJYA Tin Badge :back
Using safety pin.
Compare with coin
ZENJYAのZENJYA Tin Badge :size comparisons (32mm, 44mm, 56mm, 75mm)
ZENJYAのZENJYA Tin Badge :back
1,045 JPY (Tax included) 1,177 JPY (Tax included) 1,320 JPY (Tax included) 1,342 JPY (Tax included)
At the earliest, 6 days to deliver (Excluding weekends and holidays) * Shipping days in Japan

White color will not be printed with the color you are selecting. Please make sure to check the design in the preview

About this design

日本の未来を舞台にしたサイバーパンク世界、「ZENJYA」へようこそ!政府と反乱軍の激しい戦い、AI時代の息づかい、サバイバルゲーム、そして目覚めた八百万の神々の横行。混沌としたこの世界で、クールでカッコイイ冒険が君を待つ!🤖🔥🎮 #サイバーパンク #未来 #アドベンチャー

  • Size(Diameter)
    • Tin and others
    Shape of pin
    • Hook type pin
  • Shipping cost:Flat Fee(Tax included)
    • Hikyaku Express(Sagawa Express) 700 JPY
    • Nekopos(YAMATO TRANSPORT) 260 JPY

    ※ Nekopos(YAMATO TRANSPORT) can use only when purchase up to 50 stickers, up to 2 sacoche bags, up to 30 can badges, 1 note, 1 towel handkerchief, 2 reusable bags, 1 dog T-shirt and 2 Socks
    ※ T-shirt delivery service(YAMATO TRANSPORT) can be used only when purchasing up to "1 standard T-shirt (excluding XXL and XXXL)", "1 oversized T-shirt", "1 heavyweight T-shirt (excluding 2XL and 3XL)", "1 organic cotton T-shirt (excluding XXL)" and "1 long sleeve T-shirt (excluding XL and 2XL)".

    At the earliest, 6 days to deliver (Excluding weekends and holidays) * Shipping days in Japan
    • The day required for shipping is approximate. It does not promise reliable shipment
    • Designation of shipping date is not received. Since shipment may be delayed, thank you for your order with plenty
    • It’s completely made to order. In the event of a shipment delay or cancellation of your order due to customer convenience, we can’t accept returned goods or exchange
    Printing Notice
    • These are sample images. It may differ from the appearance of the actual product
    • Colors may differ from the actual product due to monitor settings.
    • During printing, colors may change due to the conversion from RGB colors to CMYK colors
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      Diners Club
      American Express
    • Deferred payment
    • Convenience store payment
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別次元の日本では、鎖国は今なお続いており、昔ながらの文化が息づいています。しかし、国内の科学技術はガラパゴス的に進化し、空を飛ぶことも、通信機器を持つことも可能になり、人々はそれなりに幸せに暮らしています。この世界では、八百万の神々や妖怪が普通に存在し、人間との均衡が保たれています。 しかし、ある日、鎖国に反対する人々の熱情が頂点に達し、ついに反乱が勃発します。日本政府と反乱軍の戦争が始まりました。 この戦争によって世界の均衡が崩れ、八百万の神々や妖怪たちも凶暴化してしまいました。更に、戦争の影響で時空が歪み、別の世界からの人々がこの世界に紛れ込んできました。彼らは自分たちが住んでいる世界との違いに驚き、美しさや居心地の良さを求めて、この世界を侵略し始めました。 そして、世界は混沌とし、反乱軍、日本政府軍、別世界からの人々、さらに八百万の神々や妖怪たちも入り乱れ、大戦争時代が到来しました。 果たして、この戦いは終結するのでしょうか…。 In an alternate dimension of Japan, isolationism continues to this day, and traditional culture thrives. However, domestic science and technology have evolved in a unique way, allowing people to fly in the sky and possess communication devices. Despite this, the people live relatively happy lives. In this world, the existence of millions of gods and yokai (supernatural creatures) is commonplace, maintaining a balance with humans. However, one day, the fervor of those opposing isolationism reaches its peak, and a rebellion finally breaks out. The war between the Japanese government and the rebels begins. As a result of this war, the balance of the world is disrupted, and the millions of gods and yokai become ferocious. Furthermore, as a consequence of the war, the fabric of space and time is distorted, and people from different worlds find themselves blending into this world. Astonished by the differences they encounter, they begin to invade this world in search of its beauty and comfort. Thus, the world falls into chaos as the rebels, the Japanese government forces, the people from alternate worlds, and even the millions of gods and yokai become entwined in an era of great war. Will this battle ever come to an end...?



  • 32mm
  • Out of stock
  • 44mm
  • Out of stock
  • 56mm
  • Out of stock
  • 75mm
  • Out of stock
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