The important thing is after having fun.


We want to know deep aspects about interesting creators, right? Would you like to hang out with them once to feel relax to talk? This is an interview like that.

Today’s fun

It’s nice to meet you nsn!

Nice to meet you too!

nsn is one of the most popular creators in SUZURI. She is making a bunch of items on SUZURI and advertise herself by using photos and illustrations on social media.

Thank you!

Today I would like to ask you about, the reason why you started to drawing, behind the scene of your creation, and also the story of how the "Rabbit" was made!

Ok, I’ll do my best.

All right... before we start, let’s sing!

Each person song approximately 5 favorite songs.

That was so much fun! Your voice is brilliant! I wish we could sing more... but it’s time for the interview!

Drawing like anime

I’ve heard that you like Karaoke, when did you go Karaoke last time?

I just went there last weekend! And I sang for about 60mins. When I go alone, I always sing minor anime songs a lot. Especially I love 90s anime.

90s anime! What year were you born in?


Wow, so young! Have you been drawing illustrations from your childhood?

Yes I have! I have been loving drawing since i was a primary school student because of anime. I painted "Nyanchu" (Nyanchu is a famous character from children’s tv show.) and things like that.

So... you had a dream to be an illustrator when you started to draw?

No actually, I can say I became an illustrator before I knew it.
When I started twitter, I got tired of drawing and I was thinking of quitting drawing sometimes. Because of that, I posted like food photos not illustrations, but then I started to draw rabbit on the paper and post them again, and I realized this is what I want to do after all.

I see. Does anime influence your illustration?

For instance, "rabbit", one of my illustrations, every time I draw it, I imagine how it moves in animation.
However, of course, it is different from a real life version of rabbit, so I figure it out while I draw it.
I take time to look at my drawing objectively, like "Dose it move like this?" and redraw again and again.

Incredible..! The way you draw surely likes how an animation is made. Then, that means even you don’t know how the rabbit moves?

I don’t know actually. My rabbit is made by try and error in the past and still now, design is changing as well, so I can’t see my perfection haha.

Checking item details carefully!

What tools do you use for your drawing?

I use an iPad and an app called "ProCreate". I also use PC for finishing up.

You use both iPad and PC! By the way, your illustrations that is uploaded on SUZURI are only used for SUZURI items or shared use?

In most cases, I draw illustrations depend on items. Especially, the most of "rabbit" are exclusive to SUZURI items. This is because I chose an item first, then I draw for the item.Even if I use illustrations which already exist, I try to retouch them for each items on SUZURI.

AWESOME T-shirts / nsn
AWESOME T-shirts / nsn
♡ Clear smartphone cases / nsn
♡ Clear smartphone cases / nsn

Moreover, before uploading, I sometime use templates , if it’s difficult to imagine how the item looks.

I’m glad to hear that our templates help you! I believe our templates shed tears of joy! At my office, I see a staff wearing " SAME t-shirts " so many times, and every time I see that, I am impressed with "kawaii!".

SAME T-shirts / nsn
SAME T-shirts / nsn

Nobody knows who made "MASAKARI"?

You have been using our service SUZURI for almost 3 years. What’s the trigger for you to start using our service?

I was a student at that time and I thought it’s a good way to get extra money.I kind of remember that I saw Gakumako ’s " OBON t-shirts " on Twitter and I found your service.
I felt great that SUZURI utilize SNS very well and has huge connection with not only illustrators but also other creators.

You found SUZURI on Twitter. Thank you!

At the time, I had just finished drawing "MASAKARI", and I thought it would suit T-shirts design, so I decided uploading and selling t-shirts on SUZURI.

MASAKARI T-shirts / nsn
MASAKARI T-shirts / nsn

Great! That t-shirts has always been popular!

I was kind of expecting that my t-shirts would be sold a lot, but it is beyond my expectation that the t-shirts is still popular on SUZURI.
Nowadays, "MASAKARI" is well known and me, "nsn" also become recognized, but still most of people don’t know that "MASAKARI" was made by me haha.
It’s is kind of surprising, but I am still thankful for that.

A really good picture never gets boring.

Anyways, you post lots of information about your items on Twitter.

I think it is important to advertise myself, otherwise no one can find me out.
I know that some people are discouraged because I advertise a lot, but I also believe that it’s not going to work well if I post my item information on Twitter only once or twice during sale, so that’s why I focus on advertisement.

I see. If you have any ingenuities about advertise your item or yourself, I would like to know!

I try to post with some pictures and illustrations. Considering viewers point, it never bother them when pictures or illustrations are outstanding.
Furthermore, I retouch photos very carefully. I keep them looking good on twitter, but not too different from real color.

Sending your information to numerous fans, and these fans actually buy your items. Do you get excited when you see someone put your items on?

Yes, definitely. I’m happy that visitors at my event wear my items. Also I’m glad when i know that my friends bought my items too.
I have an amazing experience that my friend came at meeting spot and surprisingly she was wearing my t-shirts.

That must astonishes you! Do you have any favorite items other than t-shirts?

I recommend でこれ~しょん(pink) smartphone case which I use personally. This illustration wasn’t made for smartphone case, but unintentionally it suited as that.

でこれ~しょん(pink) Smartphone cases / nsn
でこれ~しょん(pink) Smartphone cases / nsn

I want to create the best item matches in any mood.

You have so many number of your items on SUZURI. You are creating items and artwork as an illustrator after working at office. You must be busy everyday, aren’t you?

I love drawing, but sometimes I feel hard that I need to secure 2 hours everyday to draw.
My first job as an illustrator was making an idol’s CD jacket, and it gave me opportunities to expand my curiosity as an illustrator. From that experience, I have felt I want to draw more CD jackets and an album art for SoundCloud.
Thus, I consciously started drawing illustrations, such as squared illustration, which I believe it will connect to next my desired work.

Antenna Girl『LEMONADE MOON』album art illustration

You are drawing with thought for your future job. Is there any other specific ideas that you always keep in mind when you draw?

When it comes to the illustrations using item, I rarely put expression on them. I may feel unpleasant if the character on t-shirts looks guffaw, when I feel bad or sad.
Same as Bruno and Sanrio’s characters, I think it’s easy to put them in any situation, if the characters don’t have emotion.
I believe items should be like that, so you can wear anytime. Including rabbit and girls.

USAGI T-shirts / nsn
USAGI T-shirts / nsn

Indeed. You have such a story. As you know, I like the girls you drew, do they have a background or stories?

Actually I think it’s better not to make a specific background of them. Therefore I can let the people to think about it. For example, even if the girls are the same visual, one can be a magical girl and others also possibly can be a pilot of the lobot too.
For the reason above, I always make room for imagination. If I set a detail of the character, it can be unimaginable.

We’re talking up to here, I’m impressed that you have such a high producing skill.

Thank you very much. I try not to produce artworks that can be received what I don’t want them to.
Maybe because I have been publishing so many artworks on the internet since I was a junior high school student, I became to be very conscious of these.

I really respect your posture on your job! Then finally, is there anything you would like to do in the future?

As a result of my work as an illustrator, in future, I’d like to work in an animation industry. If my characters are moving like anime, I will be so excited!

Thank you for a great time today nsn. I truly eager to watch your illustrations are moving on the screen in the near future! All right, let’s sing a song with us to conclude this interview!

The musics nsn song
  • ♩「Catch You Catch Me」by Gumi
  • ♩「輪舞 -revolution 」by Masami Okui
  • ♩「Just Communication」by TWO-MIX
  • ♩「Timing」by BLACK BISCUITS
The item sns waering
3(RED) Ringer T-shirts / nsn
3(RED) Ringer T-shirts / nsn
nsn nsn

She was born in the 90’s and extremely love 90’s animation. She draws nostalgic taste of illustrations of girls and rabbits with simple lines.

Editor:Haruka Shirakata 2019.10.15