iwaiwaiのふたこ Book-style smartphone case
iwaiwaiのふたこ Book-style smartphone case
iwaiwaiのふたこ Book-style smartphone caseの裏面
iwaiwaiのふたこ Book-style smartphone caseを開いた場合(外側)
iwaiwaiのふたこ Book-style smartphone caseを開いた場合(内側)
iwaiwaiのふたこ Book-style smartphone caseの素材感(レザー素材)
iwaiwaiのふたこ Book-style smartphone caseの留め具部分(マグネット式)
iwaiwaiのふたこ Book-style smartphone caseをスタンドとして使用した場合
iwaiwaiのふたこ Book-style smartphone caseの4つのポケット

ふたこ Book-style smartphone case

2,550 JPY (Tax excluded) 2,900 JPY (Tax excluded) 2,550 JPY (Tax excluded) 2,900 JPY (Tax excluded) 2,550 JPY (Tax excluded) 2,900 JPY (Tax excluded) 2,900 JPY (Tax excluded)

Estimated delivery : About5555555Day (Excluding weekends and holidays)


Shipping cost:Flat Fee(Tax included)

※ Nekopos(YAMATO TRANSPORT) can use only when purchase up to 2 book-style smartphone case.

Estimated delivery: About5555555Day (Excluding weekends and holidays)
  • The day required for shipping is approximate. It does not promise reliable shipment.
  • Designation of shipping date is not received. Since shipment may be delayed, thank you for your order with plenty.
  • It’s completely made to order. In the event of a shipment delay or cancellation of your order due to customer convenience, we can’t accept returned goods or exchange.
Printing Notice
  • These are sample images. It may differ from the appearance of the actual product.
  • Fluorescent color and light color tend to discolor.
  • ご使用のモニターの設定により、実際の商品と色味が異なる場合があります。
  • 印刷する際にRGBカラーからCMYKカラーに変換を行うため、色味が変化することがあります。
  • Polyurethane resin
Device Width (cm) Length (cm)
iPhone 6s / 6 20.1 14.5
iPhone 6s Plus / 6 Plus 22.3 16.4
iPhone 8 / 7 20.1 14.5
iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus 22.3 16.4
iPhone XS / X 20.0 14.8
iPhone XR 21.6 15.6
iPhone XS Max 21.9 16.3

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