New handling of Coach Jacket starts with SUZURI.
We also challenge duplex printing.
To celebrate the new release, we are collaborating
with three creators - Sota Sudo, Konnoita and Rooo Lou
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Roots of the Coach Jacket

It refers to a thin nylon jacket that became popular in the 80’s and 90’s. There are various theories in its roots, but it’s said that what the coach had worn in a sports scene such as American football was derived. After that, hip-hop artists took in it, and it got permeated as a fashion item at once. With the collar, the front part isn’t a zipper but a snap button style, the most basic form is that the sleeves and hem are throttled. The Coach Jacket that is closely associated with hip hop and skater culture is showing excitement again by the revival of the 90’s street style.
Coach Jacket’s roots


01 Duplex printing

Duplex printing
In SUZURI it’s the first item supported for duplex printing. It can print on the front left chest and the back, and it’s also possible to perform highly customizable processing such as front only or back only. Transfer print is adopted, so you can express pictures, fine patterns, gradations and so on.

02 Thin and light, but warm

Thin and light, but warm
The nylon 100% coach jacket is very lightweight. Unlike the autumn / winter jacket that tends to become heavy, it’s easy to take off and is suitable for carrying. Also, it’s thin and lightweight, but you can firmly maintain heat retention by having lining.

03 Classic silhouette

Classic silhouette
It’s made to conscious of the prototype of the coach jacket up to the fine parts such as the shape of the collar, sleeves and hem, so it has become a silhouette easy to wear for anyone. It transform the your style to change the position to hold the front buttons or inner wear, so you can enjoy wearing long time without getting tired.




Ivy Green



Ninja Surisuri-kun
This is exactly my size!
Body Length 67 70 73 76
Body width 53 56 59 62
Shoulder Width 44 47 50 53
Sleeve Length 61 63 65 67

NOTICE: The unit is cm.


One side: 4,400円~

Both sides: 4,950円~

Size of upload image

Front: 787px × 787px

Back: 1,969px × 2,756px


  • The printed part of the coach jacket isn’t permanent. Peeling off by wearing or friction of laundry, color and texture may change. Please be careful when handling.
  • Since printed parts wear out or peel off, please refrain from rubbing.
  • Don’t use washing machine to prevent water repellent effect, abrasion and peeling of printed part, please gently wash your hands.
  • When washing, we recommend a neutral detergent.
  • Don’t iron the print place.
  • Please adjust the shape and place it on the hanger when the item arrives or keep it. Leaving it for a long time causes wrinkles to become difficult to remove.

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Just upload an image

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Products can be automatically made

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