SUZURIの「 Dog T-shirt 」

Dog T-shirts are now available at SUZURI!
Four popular dogs on SNS are wearing a variety of T-shirts, from playful to stylish!

Dog T-shirts are now available at SUZURI!
Four popular dogs on SNS are wearing a variety of T-shirts, from playful to stylish!

Find for dog T-shirts

Full of energy 🌤 The dark red color is perfect for her bright smile!

Maltese and Poodle mix / Girl / 3.3kg, wearing size M

Relaxed and at his own pace even when filming 🍵 Dogs are the best!

Pekinese / Boy / 6.3kg / Wears size L

She is energetic and smiling 🌼 A heartwarming illustration suits her

Miniature Schnauzer / Girl / 6.5kg / Wears size 2L

She is a healing girl, but today she appears cool in a black T-shirt✨

Shiba Inu / Girl / 6.2kg / Wears size L

  • Available in 4 sizes

    Available in four sizes (M / L / 2L / 3L) for small to medium-sized dogs. The sleeves are short and designed to fit a variety of dog breeds.

  • High quality prints

    The latest transfer technology is used to resist cracking and washing due to fabric stretching. High quality finish in both coloring and durability.

  • Stretch fabric with good elongation

    The highly stretchable material fits loosely to your dog’s body for easy movement. It is easy to pass the head and legs through for a smooth change of clothes.

  • Firm thick fabric

    The 8.8 oz. material has a slightly brushed lining for a soft feel. Perfect for preventing shedding and stains, and for protection against the cold in spring and fall/winter.

Learn more about dog t-shirts! From features to size selection to staff reviews. (The article is in Japanese)

SUZURI’s Dog T-shirt details

Recommended image size

Width 945 x Height 1575 px



95% cotton, Polyurethane 5%, approx. 8.8 oz

Printing method

Transfer print


from 4,290 yen

How to measure size

  • Height: Base of neck to base of tail * Measurements are taken with the dog lying down
  • Chest: behind the front legs, the thickest part of the body
  • Neck: thickest part at the base of the neck

* Larger sizes are recommended for long-haired or heavy-haired breeds

SUZURI’s Dog T-shirt

Dog’s body size

Size Height Chest Neck Approximate Breed
M 27 33〜39 23〜26 Papillon, Pomeranian
L 31 39〜45 26〜29 Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu
2L 35 46〜53 29〜32 Cavalier KCS, Pug
3L 39.5 53〜59 35〜38 Shiba Inu / Sherty

* The unit is cm.

Size of T-shirt

Size Total length Chest Neck
M 27 39 23
L 31 45.2 26
2L 35 52.9 29
3L 39.5 52.9 35

* The unit is cm.
*There may be a size variation of about 3 cm during the manufacturing process. Please note.

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Just upload an image

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Products can be automatically made

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Buy and sell

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