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We have made familiar motifs into goods in Kagoshima this time.
For those who do not understand, I tried over the strange place and things,
but familiar sights to the Kagoshima citizens with that girl born in Kagoshima.
Ash place
Overcast bag
Tote bag
  • Ash place
  • It is raining and snowing that comes down

    Ash fall fence
    It is Kagoshima daily life that Sakurajima volcanic ash falls. The ash collected is gathered in this "overtime bag" and placed in the specified place is your service. Although overcrowding bag looks like a garbage bag, in fact it is a thick plastic bag with making it stronger than garbage bag.
Arriving at the killer
Arriving at the killer
Long sleeve
T shirts
  • Arriving at the killer
  • Always meets before the killer

    Nagada termite research lab building
    A noisy shutter written as "Arriving at the killer" is the building of "Nagada Termite Research Institute". Unfortunately this shutter, a classic meeting spot from a long time ago, seems to be demolished for redevelopment.
An innocent white bear
An innocent
white bear
  • An innocent white bear
  • The white bear that you should eat right now

    Astronomy mansion Muzjaki
    Speaking of white cattle in Kagoshima, it refers to condensed milk and plenty of fruit shaved ice. Among them, the white bear of Mr. Takanomakan Mujaki, the creator of the white bear, is a treasure, so when you visit Kagoshima it is a gem you want to eat.
Statue of Toshimichi Okubo
  • Statue of Toshimichi Okubo
    Overcast bag
  • Great and huge Toshimida Okubo

    Toshimichi Okubo Bronze statue
    The bronze statue of Toshimichi Okubo called Sanjin Sanjie is a big scale of 4.3 m in height. It seems that the person himself was also unusually at that time was nearly 180 cm. It is a place where you can feel Okubo Toshimichi local love that you loved Ikkeshi cigarette from local Kagoshima.
Restaurants of Restoration Furusato
Arriving at the killer
  • Restaurants of Restoration Furusato
  • I want to get over the mood for plenty

    Restaurants of Restoration Furusato
    Kajiki town which produced a lot of people later called the Great Bakumatsu such as Saigo Takamori and Okubo Toshimichi. There is a taste in the cityscape that feels the remnant of the end of the Tokugawa period, and it is photogenic. Why do not you everyone trying to smell the restoration.
Statue of Saigo Takamori
  • Statue of Saigo Takamori
    Arriving at the killer
    Button Badges
  • I am happy if it rains in Kagoshima

    Takamori Saigou Bronze statue
    It came down to rain when it came to see Mr. Saigo. The rain in Kagoshima is called "Shimazu Rain" and it seems that it is said to be a sign of a happy thing happening. It is a wonderful custom that makes melancholy rain happy.
Jumbo mochi Hirataya
An innocent
white bear
  • Jumbo mochi Hirataya
  • Mini jumbo of a size

    Jumbo mochi Hirataya
    "Jumbo" is written as "two sticks", which means a samurais two - blade sword. As you can see, two rice cakes bamboo skewers stuck like a two-blade sword in an outstanding location where you can see Sakurajima in front. Because the shop itself is quaint, it is recommended to leave the freshly made fresh on the second floor of the shop.
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Haruka Murahama

Haruka Murahama

Born in Kagoshima in 1996. Popular magazine · mer model audition grand prix acquisition. Blue letter type model with a rapidly rising popularity with "life-size affection".

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