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なぞQのネム(NEM)/ XEMグッズvol.9 Smartphone cases
なぞQのネム(NEM)/ XEMグッズvol.9 Smartphone cases
なぞQのネム(NEM)/ XEMグッズvol.9 Smartphone casesのカメラホール部分
なぞQのネム(NEM)/ XEMグッズvol.9 Smartphone casesの下側のフチ部分

ネム(NEM)/ XEMグッズvol.9 Smartphone cases

2,200 JPY (Tax excluded)

Estimated delivery : About8Day (Excluding weekends and holidays)

仮想通貨ネム(NEM)/ XEMを愛する貴方へ


I love nem.
Because I feel something for nem.
I would like to know more about nem.
I didn’t choose nem,My heart did.
So I’ll save my life only for nem.
nem is the world to me.
I’m fond of nem.
Undo a chain of love.
I treasure nem.
No matter how much time goes by,I still love nem.
nem swept me off my feet.
Why do not nem become my family?
I’ll do anything for nem.


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Shipping cost:Flat Fee
  • Hikyaku Express(Sagawa Express) 500 JPY

※ Nekopos(YAMATO TRANSPORT) can use only when purchase up to 50 stickers, up to 2 sacoche bags, up to 30 can badges, 2 smartphone case, 1 note, 4 koozies and 1 towel handkerchief.

Estimated delivery: About 8 Day (Excluding weekends and holidays)
  • The day required for shipping is approximate. It does not promise reliable shipment.
  • Designation of shipping date is not received. Since shipment may be delayed, thank you for your order with plenty.
  • It’s completely made to order. In the event of a shipment delay or cancellation of your order due to customer convenience, we can’t accept returned goods or exchange.
Printing Notice
  • These are sample images. It may differ from the appearance of the actual product.
  • Polycarbonate
Device Width (cm) Length (cm)
iPhone SE / 5s / 5 6.2 12.6
iPhone 6s / 6 6.9 13.7
iPhone 6s Plus / 6 Plus 8 15.8
iPhone 8 / 7 7.0 13.9
iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus 8.0 15.9
iPhone XS / X 8.1 14.8
iPhone XR 7.8 15.0
iPhone XS Max 7.9 16.0

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