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マレーバク ハングルデザイン


1,062 JPY (Tax included)
At the earliest, 7 days to deliver (Excluding weekends and holidays) * Shipping days in Japan

White color will not be printed with the color you are selecting. Please make sure to check the design in the preview

About this design





    • Credit card / Debit card
      Diners Club
      American Express
    • Deferred payment
    • Convenience store payment
    • QR Code (PayPay)
  • Size
    Up to 80 x 80mm
    • PVC(white/gross) + PET
  • Shipping cost:Flat Fee(Tax included)
    • Hikyaku Express(Sagawa Express) 600 JPY
    • Nekopos(YAMATO TRANSPORT) 260 JPY

    ※ Nekopos(YAMATO TRANSPORT) can use only when purchase up to 50 stickers, up to 2 sacoche bags, up to 30 can badges, 1 note, 4 koozies, 1 towel handkerchief, 2 reusable bags and 1 dog T-shirt
    ※ T-shirt delivery service(YAMATO TRANSPORT) can be used only when purchasing up to "1 standard T-shirt (excluding XXL and XXXL)", "1 oversized T-shirt", "1 heavyweight T-shirt (excluding 2XL and 3XL)" and "1 organic cotton T-shirt (excluding XXL)".

    At the earliest, 7 days to deliver (Excluding weekends and holidays) * Shipping days in Japan
    • The day required for shipping is approximate. It does not promise reliable shipment
    • Designation of shipping date is not received. Since shipment may be delayed, thank you for your order with plenty
    • It’s completely made to order. In the event of a shipment delay or cancellation of your order due to customer convenience, we can’t accept returned goods or exchange
    Printing Notice
    • These are sample images. It may differ from the appearance of the actual product
    • Colors may differ from the actual product due to monitor settings.
    • During printing, colors may change due to the conversion from RGB colors to CMYK colors

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ウクライナへのロシア侵攻に反対して ウクライナ支援用に作ったアイテムは、デザイナーのトリブン全額、 ウクライナ支援団体へ送金いたします。 デザインごとにオモイデにまとめています ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ 「Stop war アイテム」一覧はこちら ⬇️ https://suzuri.jp/Konohana/omoide/141423 チンアナゴの”NO WAR”デザイン一覧はこちらです ⬇️ https://suzuri.jp/Konohana/omoide/141422 Pray For Peace (白い鳩)デザイン一覧はこちらです ⬇️ https://suzuri.jp/Konohana/omoide/141427 〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜 ハングルが可愛くて好きなんですけど、欲しいグッズがないので作ってます。 アニマルイラストにハングルをデザインしたアイテムも多数。 写真グッズの写真は自分で撮ってます。 한글 문자를 좋아하는데 제가 사고 싶은 제품이 가게에서 찾을 수 없어요.. 그래서 스스로 디자인을 만들어요. 한글 작품 이외의 제품도 있어요. 동물 일러스트 디자인도 있습니다. International Customers: You can buy all SUZURI items via WorldShoppingBIZ. No knowledge of Japanese is needed because we'll handle everything, with answers for any questions you might have in your language. Please check out my shop. https://suzuri.jp/Konohana Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lalah.sakuya BASE https://lalahangeul.thebase.in Tシャツトリニティ https://www.ttrinity.jp/shop/Konohana zazzle(アメリカのサイト)日本語表示可能 https://www.zazzle.co.jp/store/konohana Threadlesstee (アメリカのサイト 日本語はGoogle Chromeにて表示可能) https://lalah.threadless.com/



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