イラスト MONYAAT のやみねこ ろっぽはドキドキ*Ast Sticker
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やみねこ ろっぽはドキドキ*Ast


842 JPY (Tax included)
At the earliest, 7 days to deliver (Excluding weekends and holidays) * Shipping days in Japan

White color will not be printed with the color you are selecting. Please make sure to check the design in the preview

About this design

CT120 やみねこ、ろっぽのドキドキ*Ast
好奇心 尊敬 憧れ
※アクリルキーホルダーは少し配置が違うので別のページになります https://suzuri.jp/monyaa/9441674/acrylic-keychain/50x50mm/clear
┏━━━ リンクです ━━━┓
TシャツL配置 https://suzuri.jp/monyaa/7912799/t-shirt/s/white
Tシャツバックプリント https://suzuri.jp/monyaa/6332141/t-shirt/s/white
やみねこ https://suzuri.jp/monyaa/omoide/31856
ろっぽ ねこ 猫 ネコ クロネコ 動物 アニマル
闇 やみねこ 好奇心 キラキラ 楽しい ドキドキ ドキ キャラ キャラクター

  • Size
    Up to 80 x 80mm
    • PVC(white/gross) + PET
  • Shipping cost:Flat Fee(Tax included)
    • Hikyaku Express(Sagawa Express) 600 JPY
    • Nekopos(YAMATO TRANSPORT) 260 JPY

    ※ Nekopos(YAMATO TRANSPORT) can use only when purchase up to 50 stickers, up to 2 sacoche bags, up to 30 can badges, 1 note, 1 towel handkerchief, 2 reusable bags, 1 dog T-shirt and 2 Socks
    ※ T-shirt delivery service(YAMATO TRANSPORT) can be used only when purchasing up to "1 standard T-shirt (excluding XXL and XXXL)", "1 oversized T-shirt", "1 heavyweight T-shirt (excluding 2XL and 3XL)", "1 organic cotton T-shirt (excluding XXL)" and "1 long sleeve T-shirt (excluding XL and 2XL)".

    At the earliest, 7 days to deliver (Excluding weekends and holidays) * Shipping days in Japan
    • The day required for shipping is approximate. It does not promise reliable shipment
    • Designation of shipping date is not received. Since shipment may be delayed, thank you for your order with plenty
    • It’s completely made to order. In the event of a shipment delay or cancellation of your order due to customer convenience, we can’t accept returned goods or exchange
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    • These are sample images. It may differ from the appearance of the actual product
    • Colors may differ from the actual product due to monitor settings.
    • During printing, colors may change due to the conversion from RGB colors to CMYK colors
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